Each Zone can be easily accessed through the Teleport NPC Found around the world. Each different one will bring up the same screen allowing you to port easily to dungeons, quest zones, leveling road and various other locations. These are the locations currently active.

Lord Woodbark Teleport NPC
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Teleport NPC

  • Dalaran

This location is for easy access to the World Rare Boss Liam who is situated in the mountains of Storm Peaks. Along with easy acess to the rest of Northrend

  • PVP Nagrand Arena

Everything you will need for PVP, including vendors, quests, Battle Grounds and Pvp Token Npcs where you can buy various titles and mounts along with buffs with your PVP Tokens.

  • Leveling Road

Where you will start your journey, along with a variety of quests and NPCS such as a mini donation mall, banks Clam exchange ect.

  • Mall

Everything you will need for your class, including vote NPCs Donation NPCs, battleground item vendors. Transmof NPCs and Also where you can find your gems.

  • Raids / Dungeons

A list of all the raids that are avaliable, to teleport straight to the entrance.

  • Quest Zone

WHere you can pick up all of the needed quests to progress throughout heroes wow. Including PVP quests and Tier Quests.

  • Profession Zone

Situated with NPCs and items needed for you to increase your professions.

  • Mount / Pet Showroom

Showcasing all of the mounts and pets that are avaliable to Donators and Voters.

  • Donation / Vote Mall

These are where you can spend your gold coins for Superior Weapons, Armour, titles and mounts.

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